Ultrasound scanner of paranasal sinuses «ESU-01» for diagnosis of human maxillary sinus and frontal sinus diseases free of ionising radiation

"Ultrasound scanner of paranasal sinuses ESU – 01", referred as ESU, is a device for diagnosis. ESU is used with a PC. ESU is designed for handy ultrasound diagnosis in hospitals and clinics. ESU is useful for diagnosis of common diseases of human maxillary sinus and frontal sinus.

ESU provides high-quality primary diagnostics of presence of exudate and swellings in human maxillary sinus and frontal sinus. It can also be used for control of effect of prescriptions during treatment and surgery predominantly without the use of ionising radiation. This factor is especially important during examinations of children, pregnant patients and immunosuppressed patients with, thanks to reduction or complete absence of additional action of ionising radiation on human organism.

ESU provides a computer visualisation of diagnostic parameters, automatic recording of examination results and make a database of information about patients.

Operation frequency of the ESU probe lies in the range, MHz: from 1,5 to 5,0.
Depth range, mm: from 2 mm to 80 mm.
Accepted uncertainty of depth determination, mm: less than 0,5.
Axial resolution 1,5 mm.
Results of examination can be shown as: M- and A echograms, digital values of ecohogram parameters.
Time required for ESU entering the operation mode after turninig on: less than 2 minutes.

Structure and operation principle of the device
ESU consists of three main parts: base module (a desktop device), PC and indication module, one or more external ultrasound probes (sensors), which are connected with the base module by flexible cables with connectors. All nodes responsible for generation, radiation, detecting and processing of the ultrasound signals, are placed in base module. Base module also transmits the signals in digital form to PC or indication module.

The operation principle of ESU is based on ultrasound pulse probing of tissues being diagnosed in manual scanning followed by receiving of reflected echo signals, display and processing of echograms on the computer screen мониторе in M- and A-modes and conrinuous representation of current diagnostic information in coordinates "probing point – depth – time" or indication module.

Main characteristics of ultrasound scanner ESU-01 are close to the best foreign analogs. Ultrasound scanner ESU-01 fully solves the problem of ultrasound diagnostics of diseases of maxillary sinus and frontal sinus in human. The device is easy and fast to use. The safety of ultrasound diagnostics provide wide use of this method for screening, for control of therapy success, and also during relapses of diseases, including chronically ill children, predominantly without the use of ionising radiation. This circumstance is particularly important for examinations of children, pregnant patients and people living on the territories affected by Chernobyl disaster, who are not recommended to be exposed to medical exposure. This includes people of Gomel and Mogilev Regions of Belarus.