Doppler flowmeter for the diagnosis of microvascular hemodynamics

Flowmeter is a computer Doppler analyser for noninvasive diagnosis of microvascular hemodynamics of a human by constant laser Doppler location of tissues with FFT spectral processing of Doppler signals.

The device helps perform noninvasive control of various pathologies of microvascular hemodynamics of patients in clinics and hospitals, during intensive care and surgery. It can diagnose the success of tissue transplants, control the effect of prescriptions and physiotherapy after surgery and suring recovery. It can also aitomatically calculate the main parameters of microvascular hemodynamics with recording of the results into a database.

The software of the device has multiwindow interface, that makes easy to work with a number of documents. It provides the opportunity to compare hemodynamics parameters from different measurements. The device has a user-friendly interface, that has a built-in help system and user manual. The device is manufactured with either a single-channel or dual-channel variants.

The device is certified in Belarus.


Laser sensors : wavelength (0.53 – 0.9 um)

Thermostimulator (26 - 440 С)

Doppler wavelength range 0,1- 20 kHz.

Digital spectrum analyser 256/512 FFT.

Automatic calculation of gradients, amplitudes, frequencies of fluctuations and longterm trends of скорости blood microflow.

Blood flow speed can be measured in kHz or in mm/second.