Citogenetic computer appliance Chromosom-01 for automatic analysis of chromosomes and micronuclei of human cells in medical research

The appliance is designed for automatic computer analysis of choromsomes and micronuclei of human cells in medical research.

The appliacnce consists of:

High resolution optical motorised microscope with computer manipulation or a microscope with conventional hand manipulation.

Hardware– software module for computer manibulation of motorised microscope (for variant with motorised microscope).

Hardware– software module of optoelectronic photography of microimages of cytogenetic biopreparations, their input and visualisaton with the computer requiring a colour digital camera with resolution 3 Mpx.

Computer with processorPentium IV and above, display, inkjet or a laser printer.

Software for manipulation of microscope, module of photoelectronic microimaging, input, visulatisation and editing of microimages, automated analysis of choromosomes and micronuclear analysis of cells, and for microimaging, processing and storing of histologic samples - working in operating systems Windows 95/98, NT/2000/XP.

Methods of preparing and parameter estimation of cytogenetic biopreparations for computer analysis of chromosomes and micronuclear analysis of human cells, approved by Ministry of health of Belarus.

Sw/hw interface for processing of microimages is used for the following:

identification of each new patient (being examined) and input of his/her personal data;

selection of current from the list of patients who are already registered;

input of image of metaphase plate into the computer;

automatic segmentation of isolated objects in the image;

automatic highlight of selected objects in assumption, that they are chromosomes; hand mode of highlight of a separate chomosome image and automatic calculation of its morphometric parameters;

hand mode of grouping of detached objects and separating of joined and intersected objects;

automatic classification of choromosome by calculated morphometric parameters; automatic build of karyotype using makred objects on the plate in accordance with Denver System;

an opportunity of hand classification of chromosomes by dragging of the image of a chromosome to the karyotype cell using the mouse;

automatic calculation and classification of micronuclei of cells;

saving of results of measurement in the database;

an opportunity to view and edit the data stored in the database;

customisation of parameters, view and panels, that show the results of measurements;

an opportunity of work in the network to process the cytogenetic information and merging of databases on a number of computers;

providing of expalinations and hints on the work with the program to the user in all modes of operation using a built-in context help system.

Average time to analyse, build and document the karotype of a single metaphase plate is less than 3 minutes.