Development of new generation of fast effective scintillators for high energy physics, medical diagnostics and research

PbWO4 (PWO) crystals as detectors

Purpose: This material becomes the most widely used in high-energy physics research. We developed several detectors based on this crystal, which can be used for detecting of the particles and gamma-rays with energy E > 10 MeV.

Area of use:High-energy physics. Two out of four experiments in CERN on LHC use PWO in electromagnetic calorimeters. In paritcular, PWO crystal was adopted as a basic element for electromagnetic calorimeter in CERN for CMS experiment and «Proton-Anriproton» (Panda) on antiproton accelerator and ion research (FAIR) at the Centre for Heavy Ion Research (GSI), Darmstadt, Germany, that are extremely important for the development of high-energy physics.

Main parameters:

Parameter PbWO4
Number of photoelectrons/MeV 15
Energy resolution at incident electron energy 20 GeV, % 1.3
Maximum luminescence, nm 420
Radiation length, m 0.9
Scintillation time, ns 3/10
Insensitivity to radiation, GeV 106

 Advantages: Fast scintillator for detecting of high energy particles

YAlO 3:Ce crystal-based detectors

PurposeYAlO 3:Ce crystals are used for detecting of low energy X-rays and gamma-rays, and for detecting of alpha-radiation.

Area of use This scintillation material can be used for the development of dosimeters and radiometers, nuclear spectrometers, Mössbauer spectroscopy, and in medical radiology.  YAlO 3:Ce crystals and detectors with them have been tested in companies “Quartz and Slice Holland BV”, “Philips” и “Delft TU” (Netherlands), “CRISMATEC” (France).

Main parameters:

X-ray detectors based on YAlO3:Ce

Type NaI(Tl) YAlO3:Ce
Luminescence time, ns 230 30
Relative radiation yield 1 0.4
Mohs hardness 2 8
Radiation length, m 0.9  
Maximum count rate 5×105 2×106
Refrative index 1.86 1.94
Hygroscopy yes absent

α-detectors based on YAlO3:Ce crystals

Type CsI(Tl) YAlO3:Ce
Luminescence time, ns 1000 30
Energy resolution at energy 5.5 MeV, % 4 - 6 3 - 8
Mohs hardness 2 8
Hygroscopy yes absent

Advantages Short luminescence time, low senstivity to external impacts

Light pulser

Purpose Designed to control the parameters and stabilizing of devices based on photomultiplier tubes and photodiodes.

Area of use Detectors of ionising radiation, photometry equipment

Main characteristics Microscopic structure of the pulser consists of high-speed scintillator and low-activity radiation source radioactive Am241. The scintillation crystal used in the pulser has mechanical and chemical properties close to diamond. Half-life of Am241 isotope is 465 years, that makes the pulser a highly stable and reliable source of low intensity light pulses. Also the pulser does not depend on surrounding conditions.


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