Design and application of microwave, millimeter wave and submillimeter wave elements

Microwave resonators with high Q-factor and rarefied spectrum of natural oscillations

For stabilisation of heterodynes, in EPR spectrometry, as a frequency discriminator.
They can be used as filters, frequency counters, and also for measurement of substance parameters and humidity of dielectric and composite materials.

Reliable during use. Stable to mechanical and climate impacts. All resonators are lightweight and compact. Resonators are made of thermally stable 32NKD-alloy.

Microwave generators

Microwave generators are used as heterodynes in digital and analog communication systems, radiorelay stations, satellite TV systems, and in various measurement devices.
Offerec generators can have amplitude or frequency modulation:

- generators, stabilised by dielectric resonators,
- generators under voltage control,
- generators with frequency multiplication in various ranges.

Reliable in use. Stable to mechanical and climate impacts. All generators a lightweight and compact.