E-Lab Fuel


The system «E-Lab Fuel» is an electronic system with "client-server" architecture, that works under control of operation systems Windows and (or) Linux and belongs to Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).

The system «E-Lab Fuel» was developed in free software: Debian GNU/Linux, Web-server Apache, Firebird database server using application server PHP.

User interacts with the system through Web-interface in multiuser mode with separation of access rights. Widely used web-browsers are supported: «Mozilla Firefox» version 3.6 and above, «Google Chrome» version 10.0 and above and «Opera» version 11.0 and above.

Electronic system «E-Lab Fuel» includes the following modules:

Analyzer: for samples control and quality control of fuels and lubricants,

Refreshment: for fuel inventory management

Price List: for calculation of the cost of paid services provided by an accredited laboratory in part to fuel testing