Our achievements

The series of theoretical and experimental studies to determine the main parameters of the inspected vehicle fuels on the basis of DHA data were planed and executed. The State Standard of Belarus STB 1276-2001 «Fuel for internal combustion engines. Gasoline unleaded. The method of calculating» was approved. The laboratory received an attestate № BY/ for compliance with the requirements of System of accredited and testing laboratories  of the Republic of Belarus and is accredited for independence and technical competence.

The laboratory has an attestate № BY/ for compliance with the requirements of System of accredited and testing laboratories of Belarus and is accredited for independence and technical competence.

It is planned and carried out a series of experimental studies in collaboration with the Laboratory of the chemical-toxicological studies of the Minsk City Drug-Dependency Clinic for metrological certification of techniques of gas chromatography determination of ethanol content in liquid biological environments of the body MVI 1329-2001. All studies on the definition of ethanol content in human biological fluids (blood, urine, saliva) in Belarus are carried out using MVI 1329-2001.

Within the framework of a Republican program of Standardizations the national standard of Belarus STB 1287-2001 «Gas chromatographs analytical system of registration, processing and storage of spectrometric information Unichrom 97. Validation procedure» was developed and approved on the requests from accredited testing laboratories of petrochemical industry of Belarus and in accordance with the order from Gosstandart of Belarus.

A new methodological approach during quality control and safety control of alcohol beverages was proposed. Within this approach ethanol is used as an internal standard for quantitative determination of toxic microadmixtures content in vodka and ethanol. A series of experimental research for development of measurements guideline (MVI) was planned and completed. The developed methodological textbook and algorithm of the proposed approach are available here, the ways of implementation into everyday practice of analytical and standardization laboratories were proposed. The main results were presented in an oral report and published in an article «Ethanol as Internal Standard for determination of Volatile Compounds in Spirit Drinks by Gas Chromatography» at 4th International Conference on Metrology. Measurement and Testing in the Service of Society, May 23-24, 2011, Jerusalem, Israel.

A software package UC-NGA for unification of performed calculations to determine the component composition of natural gas fuel and its main parameters inspected in accordance with international and national standards ISO 6974 (GOST 31371) and ISO 6976 (GOST 31369) was developed. The working templates for performing the measuremetns that comply to ISO 6974 (GOST 31371) are provided below: NGA(ISO6976).uwb, and for making calculations that compy with ISO 6976 (GOST 31369): TemplateNGA(ISO6976).xls.

The system of electronic documentation of accredited laboratory that compies with ISO 17025 was developed «E-Lab ГСМ». See more details  here.

A new way of performing 2D GC x GC chromatography technique using widely used equipment was proposed.


Diploma for the development of a method of gaseous chromatographic determination of ethanol content in liquid biological samples. MVI 1329-2001.

Diploma for active involvement in the 3rd scientific-practice Conference and Exhibition "Identification of quality and safety of alhocol beverages."

A thank from Armed Forces of Belarus for considerable scientific cooperation and aid.

Diploma of a participant of an exhibition. XXIV International Forum TIBO, 18-21 April 2017, Minsk, «System of electronic documentation of an accredited testing laboratory eLab».

Diploma for the best contribution to a section of the 7th International scientific conference on military technology problems of security and safety and use of dual-use technologies