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CoExAN meeting 2017 14 - 22 June 2017: COEXAN seminars 2017 Minsk, INP BSU.
The school for early stage researchers within H2020 COEXAN RISE project has been held in INP BSU.
Experienced and young researchers from University of Tor Vergata (Italy), INP BSU, University of Iceland and University of Eastern Finland took part in the event.
The programme:
14 June
11:00 Dr. Manuela Scarselli, ToV. Structural properties and applications of carbon spheres
15 June
12:00 Dr. Mikhail Shuba, INP BSU. Electron relaxation time in single-walled carbon nanotubes
20 June
11:00 Prof. Olivia Pulci, ToV. Ab-initio study of the electronic and optical properties of Dirac Semimetals
11:30 Davide Grassano, ToV. Electronic and optical properties of Weyl semimetals
12:00 Vanik Shahnazaryan, UI. Polariton states in carbon nanotubes embedded into microcavity
21 June
11:00 Prof. Maurizio De Crescenzi, ToV. Graphene-like silicene grown on inert graphite
11:30 Dr. Konstantin Batrakov, INP BSU. Cherenkov emitters based on nanotubes and graphene structures
12:00 Prof. Roman Polozkov, UI. Electronic structure and optical response of the Zn-based metal-organic frameworks
22 June
11:00 Prof. Matteo Salvato, ToV. Single walled carbon nanotube/Si heterojunctions for high responsivity photodetectors
11:30 Vrubel Ivan, UI. Bandgap engineering in Yttrium-Aluminum Garnet with Ga-doping
12:00 Dmitrii Kliukin, UEF. Femtosecond laser interaction with photo-thermo-refractive glass
BELARUS-CERN-2017 booklet cover 21 April 2017
The booklet dedicated cooperation of Belarusian institutions with CERN has been published.
The electronic version is available at link.
Graphene 3D January 2017. The new European Commission RISE project starts in INP BSU: H2020-MSCA-RISE-2016-734164 Graphene 3D.
Project title: Multifunctional graphene-based nanocomposites with robust electromagnetic and thermal properties for 3D-printing application.
Start date: 01.01.2017
End date: 31.12.2020
Coordinator: Institute of Mechanics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Open Laboratory OLEM).
INP BSU team leader: Dr. Polina Kuzhir (Laboratory of NanoElectroMagnetics).
Project web page:
Project at INP BSU website:
Additional information: Project flyer.
lhc days 2017 17-18 January 2017. The Workshop dedicated to the activity of belarusian scientists in experiments at Large Hadron Collider will be held in INP BSU.
For more information about the workshop please follow the link
channeling1982-2016_cover 05 January 2017.
The english translation of the classic monograph now available for reading and citing:
Vladimir Baryshevsky, Channeling, Radiation and Reactions in Crystals under High Energy, Minsk, 1982.
The full text in english is available:
apl_108_issue-1_cover Press release cover 31 December 2016.
The article by INP BSU authors is marked as one of the most read 2016 Applied Physics Letters articles that have associated press releases.
Article: D. Bychanok, S. Li, A. Sanchez-Sanchez, G. Gorokhov, P. Kuzhir et al., Hollow carbon spheres in microwaves: Bio inspired absorbing coating, Appl. Phys. Lett. 108, 013701 (2016).
The associated press release: These Sugar-Based Anti-Reflective Fake Moth Eyeballs Are Not for Eating.
Ethanol slide 22 December 2016.
The scientific seminar devoted to Direct Determination of Volatile Compounds in Spirit Drinks has been held in BSU, Minsk.
Speaker: leading researcher of Laboratory of analytical research Siarhei Charapitsa.
Additional information is available at youtube channel.
M.V.Korzhik December 2016.
Publication announcement: "Inorganic Scintillators for Detector Systems: Physical Principles and Crystal Engineering" (second edition).
Authors: Paul Lecoq, Alexander Gektin, Mikhail Korzhik.
ISBN: 9783319455228 (online) • 9783319455211
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-45522-8
The book is available at the publisher's website:
INP brochure cover October 2016
The booklet dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Institute for Nuclear Problems BSU has been published.
Publisher: BSU, 32 pp., ISBN: 978-985-553-382-6
The electronic version is available at link.
October 2016: the 30th anniversary of the Institute for Nuclear Problems BSU.
The program of festive readings dedicated to the anniversary of the institute: link.
Photo 6 October 2016
The festive public session of Scientific Council of INP BSU dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Institute.
Photos from the event
Photo 3-7 October 2016
Festive readings on the problems of electromagnetism, carbon and graphene nanostructures were held in INP BSU.
The lecturers were invited form Israel, Russia and Belarus.
25-30 September 2016
Young scientist of the Laboratory of nuclear optics and astroparticle physics Alexei Sytov has been honored with diploma and medal for the best poster presentation at 7th International Conference Channeling 2016 - Charged & Neutral Particles Channeling Phenomena (Sirmione - Desenzano del Garda, Italy).
Presentation matherials:
ISMART2016 26-30 September 2016
Fifth International Conference "Engineering of Scintillation Materials and Radiation Technologies" (ISMART 2016).
Conference is devoted to the studies of registration of ionizing radiation in various areas: from high-energy physics to medical diagnostics and radiation safety systems. Multidisciplinary conference allows you to combine modern advances in basic and applied research, as well as the up-to-date technology and engineering solutions for the development of radiation detectors.
Preliminary conference schedule
M.V.Korjik 20 September 2016.
to the head of Laboratory for Experimental High Energy Physics on INP BSU Mikhail Korjik on the victory in the fifth contest of the Russian Federation Government «MegaGrants» for support of scientific research performed under the supervision of leading scientists at Russian institutions, universities and scientific centers.
Project title: New generation of scintillation materials and detectors based on them for the detection of neutrons in a wide energy scale
Host institute: National Research Center «Kurchatov Institute»
Certificate Certificate 9 September 2016
Head of Laboratory of analytical research Svetlana Sytova have successfully completed the IAEA Advanced Training Program "Nuclear Knowledge Management".
Award 2016 25 August 2016
Scientist of the Laboratory of NanoElectroMagnetics Alesia Paddubskaya has been honored with prestigious IAAM Young Scientist Medal - 2016 for her research presentation at Global Graphene Forum
Meeting 2016 23-24 August 2016
The international workshop on design of superconducting resonators has been held in INP BSU, Minsk
CoExAN meeting 2016 20 June - 1 July 2016. The group of seminars devoted to COEXAN project took place in INP BSU, Minsk.
20.07 Prof. Yu. P. Svirko, Institute of Photonics, University of Eastern Finland. Glass-metal nanocomposites for photonic applications
21.07 Prof. Olivia Pulci, Dept. of Physics University of Rome Tor Vergata. Ab-initio study of new materials: from 2D to 3D Dirac systems
21.07 Dr. Manuela Scarselli, Department of Physics Tor Vergata University of Rome and INFN Sezione Tor Vergata. In situ formation of noble metal nanoparticles on multiwalled carbon nanotubes and its implication in metal-nanotube interactions
22.07 Dr. Roman Polozkov, University of Island. On stability of nanoscale electron-positron droplets
22.07 Prof. Dmitry Migas, Belarusian State University of Informatics and radioelectronics. Structural and electronic properties of anatase TiO2 nanowires and nanotubes
23.07 Prof. Mikhail Portnoi, University of Exeter, United Kingdom. Zero-energy states in graphene
24.07 Dr. Manuela Scarselli, Department of Physics Tor Vergata University of Rome and INFN Sezione Tor Vergata. 3D multifunctional carbon nanotube networks
24.07 Prof. Olivia Pulci, Dept. of Physics University of Rome Tor Vergata. Giant excitonic effects in 2D graphane-like materials
1.07 Dr. Feodor Ogrin, University of Exeter, United Kingdom (also with UExeter-INP BSU twinning grant). Ferromagnetic microscopic swimmers
Nikolai Shumeiko 15.06.2016. It is with great sadness that we inform you that our dear friend and colleague professor Nikolai Shumeiko passed away on June 15-th, 2016 at the age of 73.
He was the head of the National Center for Particle and High Energy Physics, Minsk, Belarus from it foundation in 1993. He was also in charge of the cooperation of Institutes and factories of the Republic of Belarus with JINR and CERN.
In the seventies he developed a method (now known as the Bardin-Shumeiko approach) for the covariant calculation of radiative effects to observables for fundamental processes in high energy physics. He was the leader of a team involved in the development of Monte-Carlo generators for Deep inelastic scattering, Drell-Yan and other processes in high energy physics.
Nikolai Shumeiko joined CMS in 1992 and took part in the development of the CMS concept and in the preparation of the CMS Letter of Intent and Technical Proposal. He will be remembered for his important and key contribution to the development of the Forward Calorimeter of the HCal Project.
We lost an outstanding theoretical physicist an organizer of international scientific cooperation a friend and mentor.
We express our deepest sorrow and condolences to his family, colleagues and friends.
FANEM cover page 13.05.2016. The book of proceedings of NATO Advanced Research Workshop "Fundamental and Applied Nano-Electromagnetics" (Minsk, Belarus, May 25-27 2015) has been published.
The workshop was co-organized by C.R.E.A.T.E. Consortium (Naples, Italy) and Institute for Nuclear Problems (Minsk, Belarus).
Co-Chairs of the workshop: professor A. Maffucci (Univ. Cassino, Italy) and professor S. Maksimenko (INP BSU, Minsk).
A. Maffucci and S. A. Maksimenko (Eds), Fundamental and Applied Nano-Electromagnetics, NATO Science for Peace and Security Series B: Physics and Biophysics, Springer Science + Business Media. ISBN 978-94-017-7476-5 doi: 10.1007/978-94-017-7478-9
The book on Springer website: link.
License Photo 12.05.2016. A special permit (license) to work in the field of nuclear energy and ionizing radiation sources was granted to Institute for Nuclear Problems of Belarusian State University.

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