To jubilee of Belarusian State University

3 11 2021

An article “Outlook for nuclear physics research in Belarus” by professor Mikhail Korzhik will be published in number 3 of Journal of the Belarusian State University. Physics.


Happy 80th birthday to Professor Vladimir Baryshevsky!

1 07 2020

Happy 80th birthday and heartiest wishes to the Honorary Director, Professor Vladimir Baryshevsky!


A prototype of copper halfwave accelerating resonator HWR-325

4 06 2020

On June 4, 2020 a task to manufacture a halfwave accelerating coaxial resonator for frequency 325 MHz was completed.


XIIth China-Russia-Belarus Workshop «PERSPECTIVE PLASMA TECHNOLOGIES 2019»

4 10 2019

The XIIth China-Russia-Belarus Workshop «PERSPECTIVE PLASMA TECHNOLOGIES 2019» (PPT-2019) was organizaed by INP BSU.

Over the 50 leading scientists form 20 major scientific organizations from China, Russia and Belarus took part in the seminar. 

The 40 talks covered various topics of plasma physics: new materials production (nanomaterials, materials for aerospace, biomaterials, materials for fusion and fission reactors and etc.), advance plasma sources and diagnostics, plasma and surface interaction, commercial plasma and pulsed beams applications.




1 06 2019

Junior researcher of the Laboratory of analytical research  Anton Korban was awarded 2nd place at the Falling Walls Lab Minsk 2019.




The international scientific workshop FANEM 2018 was held in Belarusian State University

7 06 2018

Following the success of the 2015 Edition, this NATO Advanced Research Workshop on "Fundamental and Applied NanoElectroMagnetics (FANEM)" became a unique forum for scientists and technologists providing a complete coverage of the current state-of the-art in nanoelectromagnetics.