photo of Sergey Cherkas

Sergey Cherkas

Leading Researcher
PhD (Physics)

Department: Laboratory of fundamental interactions
Address: Belarusian State University, Institute for Nuclear Problems, 220006, Minsk, Belarus, Bobruiskaya str., 11 , 302
Phone: +(375 17) 242-47-39
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ORCID Publications

Member of Physical Society of Republic of Belarus


Belarusian State University, Physical Faculty, 1989
PhD, 1997, Belarusian State University, Minsk


2000, Belarusian State University. Thesis title: «The P-odd violation of the time-reversal invariance under particle scattering by nucleus»


Quantum Gravity and Cosmology

Recent selected publications

  1. Quantum evolution of the Universe in the constrained quasi-Heisenberg picture: from quanta to classics? S.L. Cherkas, V.L. Kalashnikov Grav.Cosmol.12:126-129,2006
  2. Determination of the UV cut-off from the observed value of the Universe acceleration. S.L.Cherkas, V.L.Kalashnikov JCAP 0701:028,2007
  3. Quantum mechanics of the closed collapsing Universe K. A. Viarenich, V. L. Kalashnikov, S. L. Cherkas Vestnik Belarus State U., ser. Fiz. 2 (2007) 3-7
  4. Functional minimization method addressed to the vacuum finding for an arbitrary driven quantum oscillator. S.V. Anischenko, S.L. Cherkas, V.L. Kalashnikov Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems v.12 p.16-26 (2009)
  5. Cosmological production of fermions in a flat Friedman universe with linearly growing scale factor: exactly solvable model. S. V. Anischenko, S. L. Cherkas, V. L. Kalashnikov Nonlin.Phenom.Complex Syst.13:315-319,2010
  6. Cherkas, S.L., Kalashnikov, V.L. An inhomogeneous toy model of the quantum gravity with the explicitly evolvable observables. Gen Relativ Gravit 44, 3081–3102 (2012).
  7. S.L. Cherkas, N.L. Cherkas, Extinction by the long dielectric needles, Optik, Volume 140, 2017, Pages 673-679,
  8. Cherkas, S.L., Kalashnikov, V.L. (2018). Plasma Perturbations and Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy in the Linearly Expanding Milne-Like Universe. In: Skiadas, C. (eds) Fractional Dynamics, Anomalous Transport and Plasma Science. Springer, Cham.
  9.  Dark-energy-matter from vacuum owing to the general covariance violation / Cherkas, S.L., Kalashnikov V.L. // Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems, 2020, 23(3), pp. 332–337 DOI:
  10. Reference Level of the Vacuum Energy Density of the Universe and Astrophysical Data / Haridasu, B.S., Cherkas, S.L., Kalashnikov, V.L. // Fortschritte der Physik, 2020, 68(7), 2000047