photo of Alexander Shalyt-Margolin

Alexander Shalyt-Margolin

Chief Researcher
Doctor of Sciences (Physics)

Department: Laboratory of fundamental interactions
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Belarusian State University, Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty, 1976
PhD in Physics, 1989, Belarusian State University, Minsk
Doctor of Science in Physics, 2005, Institute for Physics, Academy of Science, Belarus


  • Ph.D. , Belarusian State University, 1989. Thesis title: «On Quantum Field Models With Non-compact Internal Symmetry Groups»
  • Doctor of Science in Physics, 2005, Institute for Physics.Thesis title: «Solution Methods for the Unitarity Problem of Quantum Field Theory with Indefinite Metric, Quantum Computations and Quantum Cosmology „

The first prize of the Physics Institute (Belarus National Academy of Sciences) for series of papers ‚Geometric Effects in Quantum Computations‘ (with E. A. Tolkachev and A. Ya. Tregubovich).


Quantum Field Theory, Gravity, Cosmology, Early Universe Physics

Recent selected publications

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