photo of Anton Kovalenko

Anton Nikolaevich Kovalenko

Senior Researcher

Department: Laboratory of analytical research
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ORCID Publications

Selected papers:

  1. Direct Determination of Volatile Compounds in Spirit Drinks by Gas Chromatography. / S.V. Charapitsa, A.N. Kavalenka, N.V. Kulevich et al. // J. Agric. Food Chem., 2013, 61 (12), PP 2950-2956.
  2. Electronic system of quality control and inventory management of fuels and lubricants “E-lab Fuel” / S. V. Charapitsa, A.L.Mazanik, A.N. Kavalenka, N. V. Kulevich, A.L.Mazanik, N. M. Makoed, A.A.Semashko, D.L.Radivonchik, S.N. Sytova; Research Institute for Nuclear Problems of Belarusian State University. — Minsk, 2013. — 85 p. — Russian.
  3. Direct Determination of Volatile Compounds in Alcohol Drinks and Spirit Products by Gas Chromatography. Complet Description of the method / S. V. Charapitsa, N.I.Zayatz, A.N. Kavalenka, N. V. Kulevich, A.L.Mazanik, N. M. Makoed, S.N. Sytova. — Minsk, 2013. — 230 p. — Russian.
  4. Ethanol as an internal standard for a quantitative analysis of toxic impurities in spirit drinks / S. V. Sharapitsa, S. M. Bychkov, N. I. Zayats, A. N. Kovalenko, N. V. Kulevich, A. L. Mazanik, N. M. Makoed, V. V. Shmanai // Reports of the National Academy of Sciences. 2012. T. 56, No 1. pp 65-70. (in Russian)
  5. Quantitative determination of impurities compounds in spirit drinks with ethanol as internal standard / S. V. Charapitsa, A. N. Kavalenka, A. L. Mazanik, N. M. Makoed, S. N. Sytova, N. I. Zayats, N. V. Kulevich // Food Industry: Science and Technology Magazine, 2012, №2, P. 86-94. (in Russian)
  6. Direct Quantitative Determination of Impurities Compounds in Spirit Drinks with Ethanol as Internal Standard / Cherepitsa S. V., Kovalenko A. N., Kulevich N. V., Mazanik A. L., Makoed N. M., Sytova S. N., Zayats N. I. // Manufacture of alcohol liqueur & vodka products, 2012, №3, P. 20-23. (in Russian)
  7. Ethanol as internal standard for determination of volatile compounds in spirit drinks by gas chromatography / Siarhei V. Charapitsa, Siarhei M. Bychkov, Anton N. Kavalenka, Nikita V. Kulevich, Nicolai M. Makoed, Arkadzi L. Mazanik, Inga Jarmalaite, Ricardas Golubevas // 4th International Conference on Metrology. Measurement and Testing in the Service of Society, May 23-24, 2011, Jerusalem, Israel. - 6 P.
  8. The use of the major component (solvent) as an internal standard in the gas-chromatographic determination of impurities / Cherepitsa S.V., Bychkov S.M., Kovalenko A.N., Mazanik A.L., Selemina N.M., Seredinskaya O.B. // Journal of Analytical Chemistry. 2003. Т. 58. № 4. С. 368-371. DOI: 10.1023/A:1023206000541
  9. Cherepitsa S.V., Bychkov S.M., Kovalenko A.N., Mazanik A.L. The Universal Chromatographic Data System — UniChrom. // Abstracts of Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, 9—14 March 2003. — Orlando, Florida, 2003. — No 90. — P. 49.
  10. Charapitsa S. V., Bychkov S. M., Kavalenka А. N. et al. In: Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, 2000, p. 1621