photo of Pavel Bogdanovich

Pavel Bogdanovich


Department: Laboratory of high density physics
Address: Belarusian State University, Institute for Nuclear Problems, 220006, Minsk, Belarus, Bobruiskaya str., 11 , 204
Phone: (017)252-53-23

Selected papers:

  1. Anischenko, Sergey & Bogdanovich, Pavel & Gurinovich, Alexandra & Oskin, Andrey. (2017). 2D simulation of helical flux compression generator. IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science. PP. 10.1109/TPS.2018.2820387.
  2. Gurinovich, Alexandra & Bogdanovich, Pavel & Komorny, Alexander. (2015). Shock-Wave Initiation of a High-Explosive Charge to Create Axially Symmetric Detonation Front. IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science. 43. 1-1. 10.1109/TPS.2015.2449771.
  3. Bogdanovich, Pavel & Komorny, A.A. & Tarnopolsky, B.A.. (2014). Explosive Device for Current Switching. Archives of Metallurgy and Materials. 59. 10.2478/amm-2014-0194.