photo of Andrey Borisevich

Andrey Borisevich

Senior Researcher

Department: Laboratory of experimental high energy physics
Address: Belarusian State University, Institute for Nuclear Problems, 220006, Minsk, Belarus, Bobruiskaya str., 11 , 200
Phone: (017)235-95-15
ORCID Publications

Selected papers:

  1. A. Gurinovich, V. Baryshevsky, D. Baryshevsky, S. Agafonov, A. Borisevich et al. Electrically Driven Wideband Sources for Equipment Vulnerability Tests Proc. 43rd European Microwave Conference, 7 -10 Oct 2013, Nuremberg, Germany, 191-194
  2. Borisevich, A. E., and S. L. Cherkas. 2012. «Effect of the Conductor Radius on the Electric Explosion Dynamics: Magnetohydrodynamic Simulation.» Technical Physics 57 (10): 1380–86.
  3. Baryshevsky, V.G., A.E. Borisevich, A.A. Gurinovich, G.Yu. Drobyshev, P.V. Molchanov, and A.V. Senko. 2009. «A Compact High Power Microwave (HPM) Source.» In IET European Conference on European Pulsed Power 2009. Incorporating the CERN Klystron Modulator Workshop, 1–4.
  4. Korzhik, M. V., G. Yu. Drobyshev, D. M. Kondratiev, A. E. Borisevich, V. B. Pavlenko, and T. N. Timochenko. 1996. «Scintillation Quenching in Cerium‐doped Ytterbium‐based Crystals.» Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Solid State Physics 197 (2): 495–501.