CoExAN - Project ID 644076 Call H2020-MSCA-RISE-2014 Programme H2020

1 October 2015

The first great news is that the Project ID 644076 Call H2020-MSCA-RISE-2014 Programme H2020 "Collective Excitations in Advanced Nanostructures" (CoExAN) started.

23 November 2015

First visit of Dr. Richard R. Hartmann from DLSU (Philippines) to University of Exeter (UK) took place. Some photos are here: Richard Hartmann and Misha Portnoi in front of the University of Exeter Physics Building, 24/11/2015, during the first visit of Prof. Hartmann to Exeter;
Richard Hartmann and the University of Exeter CoExAN research team in Prof. Portnoi office, 18/12/2015, during the second visit of Prof. Hartmann to Exeter. From left to right: Thomas Collier, Misha Portnoi, Richard Hartmann and Vasil Saroka.

28 November 2015

Month visit of Dr. Mikhail Shuba (INP BSU) to URTV starts 28 November 2015. One photo is here.

29 December 2015

Vasil Soroko gives seminar "Interband transitions in graphene nanoribbons near the edge states" during his visit to INP BSU. Photos are here and here.

February 2016

Visits of Prof. Batrakov (visit dates 20/01-20/03/2016) and Dr. Bychanok (visit dates 04/02-03/04/2016) from Minsk to Exeter. Photos are here (Prof. Batrakov together with Prof. Portnoi) and here.

February 2016

Photos of Dr.Shuba visit are here.

25 February 2016

Visit of Roman Polozkov, Island University, to Minsk starting from February 23 for 5 months. Some of photos are taken during seminar of Dr. Roman Polozkov "Quantum-mechanical simulation of the electronic structure and optical response of fullerene-like systems" delivered at INP BSU 25 february 2016. Photos are here.

21 March 2016

Visit of Prof. Batrakov to University of Rome Tor Vergata (URTV) is starting March 21 till April 20. Photo of Prof. Batrakov together with Prof.Olivia Pulci is here with talk concerning electronic and optical ptoperties of 2D nanostructures. Prof. Batrakov and project secretary Lucia Cori are here.

29 March 2016

Combined COEXAN and Graphene Flagship visit of Prof. Yuri Svirko (University of Eastern Finland) to Minsk is starting March 25 till March 30. Photo of Prof.Svirko together with Prof.Maksimenko in BSU is here. Prof.Yu.Svirko, Dr.P.Kuzhir, researchers M.Demidenko and N.Volynets are in the Laboratory of NanoElectroMagnetics.

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