To jubilee of Belarusian State University

An article “Outlook for nuclear physics research in Belarus” by professor Mikhail Korzhik will be published in number 3 of Journal of the Belarusian State University. Physics.

The future nuclear physics research capabilities for scientists from Belarus are discussed. Megascience class research platforms, a new generation of ioni­sing radiation sources, use of the world nuclear science network for short-term research and monitoring of nuclear power plants are debated. The purposes of nuclear physics research are suggested to be a balanced combining of the further pene­tration deep into the matter, to clarify its status and time evolution and, the routine activity associated with clari­fying the details of the world, for which models already exist. Further, the goals of nuclear physics research are specified. They include preventing the decay of knowledge in nuclear physics;
conservation of the acceptable qualification and its reproducibility, maintaining the appropriate level of the engineering corps for the perception of the latest knowledge. This article is based on personal experience of Mikhail Korzhik in participating
in projects of high scientific significance. The route of considering the areas of application of nuclear physics scientists’ efforts is formed according to the principle of maximum return from the highly qualified personnel (PhDs and doctors of
science). Importance of training of undergraduates and graduate students for a scientific career is underlined. Finally, a need to maintain a high level of knowledge is pointed out.

3 ноября 2021

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