A prototype of copper halfwave accelerating resonator HWR-325

On June 4, 2020 a task to manufacture a halfwave accelerating coaxial resonator for frequency 325 MHz was completed.

The work was performed under project Niobium-3 (2018-2020). The objective of the project is the development and manufacturing of superconducting halfwave resonator with working frequency 325 MHz for use as part of resonating accelerating sections in linear proton and ion accelerator – a new injector for accelerating complex Nuclotron-NICA.

Pic 1The Cu prototype was manufactured in collaboration with Physical-technical institute, JINR and MEPhI. The punching and welding of Cu prototype were performed in Physical-technical institute. An electrodynamic model of resonator and simulation of mechanical characteristics were made in MEPhI. JINR coordinated the project. INP BSU was responsible for the development of technology to control the frequency of resonator at early stages of production, carrying out of full complex of microwave measurements and also the production of all peripheral devices (frequency tuning device, power supply device). With the technology of control of resonator frequency that was developed in INP BSU the deviation from the calculated one minimized. According to the results of preliminary tests, the resonant frequency of Cu prototype at normal conditions was 324.43 MHz. The discrepancy from the calculated value 324.52 MHz was -0.09 MHz.


Pic 3Currently the prototype of resonator is placed at the testing stand and the vacuum characteristics are checked, after that the working regimes of frequency tuning devices, power devices and other elements will be studied. The manufacturing of Cu prototype largely let develop the technologies and engineering solutions that will be used to manufacture superconducting niobium resonators in 2020.

4 июня 2020

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